Big waste management companies may dominate industry news headlines, but small haulers are often the unsung heroes of this growing industry. And their need for mobile technology to remain competitive is greater than ever.

For years, MOBA has provided mobile automation for both large and small waste management providers. Large fleets around the world benefit from using MOBA’s web-based software platform and integrated on-board scales, RFID and GPS tracking systems. Small haulers also use the same technology but their needs tend to be a little different.

“Customizing system solutions for smaller haulers is sometimes a little more challenging,” says Jerry McCurry, Business Unit Manager for MOBA US On-Board Technology Division. “Sometimes they need certain subsets of the overall package. In addition, they may not have the capital to appropriate up front for the required hardware; this is the reason we came up with packages where haulers can pay for both the hardware and software over time,” McCurry explains.

For Bill Floyd Services, a family owned hauler in Georgetown, SC, their objective was straightforward. They needed an easy-to-use on-board routing system that allowed them to accomplish the following:

– To know the location of all trucks at all times for better control.
– Have in-truck electronic route mapping for drivers to reach customers quickly.
– Provide an in-truck route list of each customer by address in order of closest to farthest.
– Allow pick-up service confirmation of every customer each day.
– Gather other route data as available.

“We were not only able to meet Bill Floyd’s objectives, but we also combined the hardware and software for one monthly fee,” McCurry says. “The result is an affordable package that helps their operation run more smoothly today, while allowing us to form a relationship where we can help them systematically grow their company for the future.”


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