MOBA, an established world leader in Mobile Automation for more than 45 years, is launching a new way of purchasing a wheel loader scale system in the USA. Advanced usability and easy operation, combined with the rugged design for harsh environments, make the MOBA HLC-1000 wheel loader weighing system an excellent choice to meet safety standards and reduce liability exposure when loaded trucks go onto the road.

Loading the correct weight every time

Due to the rising cost of equipment operations, it is critical to reduce operating expenses and improve fleet efficiency. With a wheel loader scale, you will always know the exact weight of each load saving both money and material while taking full advantage of the capacity of hauling equipment.

The HLC-1000 determines the exact weight of the material quickly and reliably to improve production efficiency and loading cycle times. The system adds up the weight of the material in each bucket and displays a running total loaded onto the truck for easy load management.

Now easier than ever to place an order in the United States (exclusions apply)

Purchasing the HLC-1000 bundle is easy and includes all you’ll need: scales, hardware, and onsite installation. Securely checkout on MOBA’s new online store with PayPal or credit card and enjoy free shipping.

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We caught up recently with Mike, an experienced front end garbage truck driver in South Florida, whose truck is installed with MOBA on-board scales. Knowing the weight of what he’s hauling can mean the difference in wear and tear and even possible fines and tickets from overloading, costing time, resources and money. Here is what Mike had to say about his experience using MOBA’s on-board scales.

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Using on-board scales can be a great way to reduce costs and increase profits for your vocational truck operation. But if you are unsure of the benefits that on-board scales offer, it may be hard in your mind to justify the cost.

On-board scales are an investment with users reporting an average payback of 6 months or less. Not a bad ROI.

Here are seven top benefits of on-board scales you should consider.

  • Eliminate Overweight Fines: The main reason that on-board scales were developed years ago and are still a big benefit today. If overweight tickets are adding up, it’s time to eliminate that cost.
  • Haul the Maximum Legal Load: The down side to avoiding overweight issues is loading trucks too light. On-board scales help optimize the capacity of every load.
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs: Constant overloading prematurely wears out truck and trailer components such as brakes, springs, frames, etc. What is the cost of constantly buying new trucks to replace prematurely worn-out ones?
  • Increase Safety: Imagine being the driver’s seat trying to control a truck that is grossly overloaded. Keeping weight within legal limits allows braking distance to remain constant and tracking around corners to be more predictable.
  • Retain Good Drivers: One of the best ways to combat the driver shortage is by working to retain drivers. A fleet culture that demonstrates  efforts to keep gross load weights in check, shows drivers that you care.
  • Weigh Individual Pick-ups: In addition to overweight/underweight impacts, a need for knowing individual customer pick-up weights is also critical for many companies.
  • Reduce Liability Exposure: Do an internet search today of three words… “overloaded, truck, wreck”. Read the latest news articles. Just the list of law firms that advertise fighting for the rights of drivers who have been injured in truck accidents, is a real eye-opener. Isn’t it time to eliminate that risk?

The key to a successful on-board scale program is to conduct a pilot program. In other words, commit to purchasing 1-2 systems to test and measure the results for a month or two. Maybe now is the time to give it a try on your trucks?

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Website: www.On-Board-Solutions.com

Email: UScontact@moba-automation.com

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